Traveling Companions

Jerry kissing a fishTHOUGH BORN IN SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, JERRY SWEARS “I WASN’T BORN – I WAS HATCHED!”THAT QUIRKY SENSE OF HUMOR AND A COMPLETE LACK OF CONCERN ABOUT ‘WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK’ ARE TWO OF HIS STRONGEST CHARACTERISTICS.AND HE WANTS EVERYONE ELSE TO HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS HE IS.(Yes, he’s kissing the fish.  It’s a custom.  First fish of every year you have to kiss, or you won’t catch another one all year…)  Ted's birthdayBig brother Ted is one of our most constant travel companions.  Any time I’ve called him up to say, “Hey, we’re going to (fill in the blank), want to come along?” I don’t think he’s ever said no.  He’s our source of all things technological; GPS maps, traveling tunes, ways and means of connecting to the internet while en route… He’s also a phenomenal driver, with steady hands on the wheel and incredible road stamina.

And, finally, Ellen (That’s me!).

Ninya and meSo, what to say?  I love to write.  I love to travel.  I’m going to combine both in order to create a profession for myself that I won’t move on from.  Ever.

I think the unique history of every place is worth learning.  I like gardening and love watching how vegetation changes as you travel around the country.  I like listening to people talk; you never know what you might hear.

I’m one of nature’s night owls, so when we’re doing the marathon overnight drives, my shift is the wee hours, driving into the dawn.

(I don’t have a lot of pictures of myself; I’m usually the one behind the camera.)  This one was taken by our buddy Lance – he has access to the greatest resort in Hayward!  We were on vacation with him, taking the pontoon out for a spin around the lake, and my dog Ninya apparently felt intimidated by something and climbed up to hide behind her napping mommy.  I probably wouldn’t have woken up at all if she hadn’t stepped on my hair…

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