Hoppin’ in Hayward


[slideshow_deploy id=’2321′] Jerry and I get together with a group of friends in Hayward, WI every Thanksgiving weekend.  One of the activities is bar hopping; the biggest reason why it’s an adults-only time.  Me, since I don’t drink, I get to be sober cab, listen to increasingly-taller tales told by our …

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…And away we go!


 What’s the story? Growing up, we lived for a while in Phoenix. Every weekend that the weather was right, we could watch the hot air balloons lift off and soar high over the earth, each a brilliant unique splash of color against a deep blue desert sky.  By the time …

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Over hill, over dale… Under cliff?


Looking for a unique place to eat near Joplin, Mo?  How about the Undercliff Bar and Grill? At the joining of two country roads lies a bridge that marks a ford.  When the land was owned by James William “Bill” Tipton in the mid-1800s, it was the only area between the …

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Playing in the past


What’s the story? Well, back in September of 1971, a collection of people got together and created (as Carr Hagermann, the Ratcatcher, puts it) a “hippie in burlap festival.”  Back then, it was titled “A Celebration of Nature, Art, and Life!”  Over 25,000 people attended on that opening weekend of …

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Mighty fine origins – the Source of the Mighty Mississippi

Ellen and Jerry at source sign-2

So what’s the story? It’s been a source of food, transportation, civilization.  It’s marked the division between the known and unknown.  It’s served as a barrier between empires, countries, territories and finally states.  It’s been a strategic point of combat  It’s sparked imagination, romanticism, and lore, celebrated in song and …

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