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Oh, this is a grand old country we live in.  And I’ve learned a lot wandering over her in all directions.  It has its political, economic and social issues, sure, issues that need to be fixed sooner rather than later, before they become even bigger problems, but still it’s a grand country.

When I think about how wonderful the country is, though, I’m not thinking of our freedoms and our cultural diversity as much as I’m thinking of the breadth of geography and climates and the variety of plants and wildlife.  I love to fly – the rush of the engine power, the roller-coaster feel of lifting off the ground, seeing the patchwork of farms and lakes and roads and cities all prettily laid out in a patternless pattern far, far below.  But I love even more driving cross-country, being able to see the change from river-valley forests to plains to desert, from cornfields to forest to marshlands.  And each area has different plants and animals as well as a different appearance.

So while this page is dedicated to passing along practical tips like what to look for in a good hotel, how to find the best deals, the most space-saving way to pack a weekend travel-bag, it’s also dedicated to things less practical.  Like the beauty of spring ephemerals, when and where to find them.  How the white-tailed deer change from tall and statuesque to small, scrubby critters barely bigger than German Shepherds.  And any one of a thousand fascinating things you can see – if your eyes are open and your mind paying attention.

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