Randolph Railroad Days; the Cabin Fever Cure of Imagination

It’s late March, and it’s still winter in south-eastern Minnesota.  Monochrome snow, dormant trees and salt-crusted roads greet the eye every time you’re forced to go outdoors.  A person longs for warm sun, the varied shades of green in grass and healthy leaves, and the vivid colors of spring flowers, …

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Fit for Kings

Meals ready and waiting to be eaten!

  “…So we’re getting together at Kings about three o’clock. Come if you can, we’d all love to see you.” “What’s Kings?” I ask. And my former supervisor Jon just stares at me.  After a few second he says, “You know where Wiederholt’s is?”  I nod; I’ve been there many …

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Dashing down the slopes


From high on the hill you look down on the scarred expanse of snow; a breeze bites at your cheeks, nose and ears, and you breathe deep of air made crisp with the dry cold of winter.  Lean forward now, weight balanced over the boots holding your ankles rigid, and begin …

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Playing in the past


What’s the story? Well, back in September of 1971, a collection of people got together and created (as Carr Hagermann, the Ratcatcher, puts it) a “hippie in burlap festival.”  Back then, it was titled “A Celebration of Nature, Art, and Life!”  Over 25,000 people attended on that opening weekend of …

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