Turning of the seasons

It’s now November in Minnesota.  Our first snow is on the ground, and we arranged the garage last night to accommodate my Focus and Jerry’s F-150. It was a sad moment.  We put some fuel stabilizer in my Suzuki Boulevard S40’s gas tank and ran the stuff through the lines. …

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Riding the Rails – The National Railroad Museum


So what’s the first thing that springs to your mind when I say, “Green Bay?” If you’re a football fan, you probably thought, ‘Lambau Field;’ if you aren’t a fan but have one in your life, then you probably thought about the Green Bay Packers – whether you love them …

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Old fish, new friends

Fast, whipping wind creating four-foot rollers.  A powerful motor pushing a forty-six foot launch through the water, lifting, surging and falling, creating squeals of delight from those who love the roller-coaster effect, or yelps of protest as cold water splashes the unwary.  Chatting and laughter is brought to the ears …

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