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Well come, and be welcome to this page of memories and records!

Jerry checking the map at the Source of the Mississippi

This is YOUR page, created for YOU, dear readers, to show off YOUR trips!  Try to keep it within the Midwest, but if you have great stories to share, feel free to submit ’em!

I’ve shared a few to start you off!

Tales from the Midwest

Not really what I was expecting…

You might already have read the article about the Reno gang and their infamous end - and if you've checked ...
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The road REALLY less traveled

You remember it - I know you do.  Can't bring to mind what year it came out, or what insurance ...
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Mining history in a bucket

We drove into Caldwell, OH, just before sunset.  I was hunting down the Thorla-McKee oil well (the First Oil Well ...
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Turning of the seasons

It's now November in Minnesota.  Our first snow is on the ground, and we arranged the garage last night to ...
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…And from the outside.

Cruisin’ – Day three, off the beaten track

So on Monday November the third, deep-sea fishing,  when we got back to the marina, the Captain and crew docked ...
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Cruisin’ – Day three, heave-ho!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Today we're going deep-sea fishing!  It is another first in a week of firsts!  I've done coastal ...
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Cruisin’ – A day of firsts

When was the last time you did something that absolutely terrifies you? Fear is a strange thing.  It's kept our ...
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Cruisin’ – Day one(half)

I'd never been on a cruise before - the half day chugging into the Gulf of Mexico when on a ...
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…But the story’s finished

"So who won yesterday?" "California Chrome took the Preakness - the same horse who won the Derby." And Ted gave ...
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The 2012 Belmont – A Chance to See History

  “I didn’t want you to hear this from anyone else, but your horse won’t be running.” It’s Friday, June ...
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Now, how about you?

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