Y? Because.

Y-bridge at Zanesville, OH

Y-bridge at Zanesville, OH, Courtesy of Muskingum County website

Appearing on the National Register of Historic Places, this Y-shaped bridge has spanned the Licking and Muskingum Rivers in Ohio since 1814.  The first bridge (wooden trestle and stone piers) across the two spans was a toll bridge, with the toll house on the center pier – foot traffic 3 cents, each horse or mule one year and older 4 cents.  If you had a coach-and-four, crossing cost you 75 cents.

But wind and weather take their toll as well, and the Y-bridge has been built five times over its two centuries – generally in response to floods washing it away.  Today the bridges carry traffic along State Highway 40 and Linden Avenue in Zanesville, and the rivers are regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers’ lock and dam system.

The Y-Bridge

Where:  Intersection of Main Street, West Main Street and Linden Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio

When:  Good heavens, it’s a bridge – it’s open all year

Cost:  None but the gas money involved to get there!

 Contact Information:  None for the bridge itself, but for the County Offices; Phone – (740) 455-7109; E-mail – auditor@muskingumcounty.org

Website:  For the page on the bridge itself, www.muskingumcounty.org  There is a Facebook page under Zanes Ville (Y Bridge), but there isn’t much on it yet.

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