From Coral to Chrysalis – The Sertoma Butterfly Garden and Marine Cove

Blue Morpho with wings on the downsweep

Flowers and flutterbys and fish, what could be finer? Jerry and I were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota recently. (House hunting – we’re considering moving to the Mount Rushmore State. Getting tired of paying Minnesota state income taxes, and I am starting to crave an area where I can photograph …

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Making time – the Bily Clocks Museum


Spillville, Iowa.  It’s a cute little town, with old world architecture, a water mill, and the feel of the Czech farmers who settled the area still present.  Driving into town from the north along County W14, you’re greeted with what looks like a traffic circle around a gazebo with creamy-colored, …

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Fishin’ for dirt

Mining 101.  When harvesting from the earth solid fuel like coal, surface mining is preferred to subsurface, for both cost and safety reasons.  Surface mining falls into two types; open pit, and strip mining.  Open pit is used when the target fuel, mineral, or ore spreads over a wide area …

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Cruisin’ – Day three, heave-ho!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Today we’re going deep-sea fishing!  It is another first in a week of firsts!  I’ve done coastal fishing, and lake fishing, but never ocean or deep-sea. It’s different from coastal fishing.  The waves are bigger, for one thing.  And between the breeze and the tide, these swells …

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